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Hidden Pioneer, Brian Inglis, with Inglis Classics, has come to be one of the most talented, professional, American Classic Auto Preservation Specialists in Southern California. Brian is from the small town in Texas, called New Caney. He began learning to restore and repair Classic American vehicles at the age of 16, when he purchased his 1st 1971 Mustang Fastback. Ever since then, his passion has always been the American Classic Auto and preserving its history. After many years of repairing & restoring, Brian met his wife Tanya Inglis, out in Austin, Texas. Tanya spent her life in public service, working for the Government in Southern California and always aspired to run her own business. She also was an event planner and floral decorator. Her knowledge of computers, marketing and business sense, would go hand-in-hand with Brian’s talent for building, mechanic work, welding and fabricating and so on. Seven years ago, Tanya joined Brian in New Caney, Texas to help him build on his business. Shortly after, they re-located to Houston, Texas and opened up a large Restoration Garage. After having a family, they decided to move back to Southern California, where Tanya is originally is from. They opened up a restoration shop in the High Desert, Hesperia, CA where they have been welcomed by their community, organizations & officials. Since then they have dedicated themselves to the restoration and preservation of American Classic vehicles. On a yearly basis they help over a dozen different charities to fundraise with Car Shows. They have also been involved with Prime Motivation in attending their High School Tours and events, reaching out to today’s youth, providing resources and opportunities in the Transportation & Technology Industry. They provide hands-on experience through internships o young adults, at no cost through their shop. Tanya Inglis has become the Public Relations Rep. for Hidden Pioneers & The High Desert Fords & Mustangs Car Club as well as the personal Publicist for Bill Montgomery. You can follow Inglis Classics on You-Tube, Facebook or Instagram & their website:

They will continue to bring quality builds to the World and share their experiences & skills with today’s youth through the Hidden Pioneers Platform.

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This Company Has A Bright Future

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