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The drivers of team Allstars, an association based in California and grouping drift racers from all over the world (Europe, Japan, Mexico,USA), met this past fortnight to participate in two drift shows in  Mexico: the 2011 Hot Wheels Drifting events!

Welcome to the Designer/Engineer/Pilot/Race Car Driver addition. We have some of the best people in the world listed
below and when you click on the links you will see why.


Bet you didn't know...

In High School (Cincinnati Ohio) Bill had a 1965 Ford Mustang 289 HP that he purchased from his best friends Keith and Kevin Lewis. They raced around town and fixed up cars quickly being know as “Car Guys” He also excelled in sports (Wrestling & Soccer) allowing him to travel around the country and meet new people to help shape him to who he is today.

Bill Montgomery served in the US Army for 4 years in the 82nd Airborne (Ft Bragg NC)

He moved to Southern California (Buena Park) and started working at the No. 1 Concert/Night Club in Hollywood called the “PALACE” right across from Capital records.  He started as a bar back and moved up to be one of the best Bar tenders in the City. Many connections were made in those 3 years traveling to and from (Hollywood CA).

After his night life career Bill started working part time at Circuit City as a Car Auto installer and UPS package handler. He moved up in both companies but his love for cars he picked Circuit City as a Shop Manager to run the (Compton CA Location) after 2 years he got promoted to a bigger shop in Costa Mesa where he received (Road Shop) Manager of the year.  A lady came to visit Bill trying to pitch a training program that others would not buy into or give her a chance. Her name was Mary Ann Georgio and the program was called MECP which is now well known and still a industry standard in Mobile Electronics around the  world.  World.

Bill’s Hobbies & Mile Stones

Motorcyces were a big past time Love for Bill as he had several streetbikes back in the day stunting around before the current trend and now sport. His first bike was a 1985 Kawi 600 ninja (Red & Black) He fixed up race bikes to look like “Lifestyle streetbikes” with lights, chrome, remote starters and even a mounted cell phone on the side fairing. I’m lucky to be a live today based on the danger and risk I took. Bill even built a replica race bike for Mike Jordan (Jump Man 21). Drive safe all you bikers…………………Read my upcoming  book on more Cars & Motorcycle stuff meeting some VIP’s called Hidden Pioneers.

Bill started a car club called NSX Limited and they displayed at many car shows with these very cool sleek exotic show cars that turned heads everywhere they went.  It was a man named Jim Jordan who took Bill under his wing and worked with him on some demo concepts and programs that became known as “Lifestyle” Marketing. They are good friends today

 Bill is currently a Transportation/Technology Teacher & Trainer.

Part time UPS worker at night in Riverside CA.

International Business & Marketing Executive for Prime Motivation.

Bill Hanging With Jay Leno
Bill with friends and Stars at the NAMM show Anaheim CA
Bill With NHRA Racer Tony S

Welcome to the Designer/Engineer/Pilot/Race Car Driver addition. We have some of the best people in the world listed below and when you click on the links you will see why. Facts & History speak for itself and I'm glad to know all you Icons in this space.

Hidden Pioneer Designers (World Class)

1) Bob Rosas=Designer & Engineer 
2) Camilo Pardo-Artist & Designer
3) Dave Marek- Designer & Creative Director
4) Derek Jenkins- Designer & VP
5) Joe Ponce- Creative Designer
6) Mad Mike Martin- Electronic Designer
7) Randy Haapala- Hot Rod Builder & Collector
8) Rick Bottom- Car Builder & Designer
9) Sergio Luna- Automotive Designer (Transportation & Industrial)
10) Tom Matano-Industrial Designer & Executive Director
Bonus : 2 Iconic members of the Hidden Pioneer Team are:
11) Steve Nichols (born 20 February 1947 in Salt Lake City, Utah) is an American engineer who is best known as a car designer for many Formula One teams from the mid-1980s until 2001
12) John Morton- Race car Driver & Pilot 
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