Churches In Action CALL for the Annual National Day of Prayer

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020 – The National Day of Prayer shares common roots with the celebration of Thanksgiving, both are a national day of prayer proclamation.

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The Annual National Day of Prayer

Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez

Founder, Churches In Action

Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez, was born in Guatemala and migrated to the United States of America in 1976 to Los Angeles, California, where he resides and has been locally engaged as an advocate for social justice for over 30 years. As founder and president of Churches for Action, he oversees a coalition of 2300 churches, who mobilize on behalf of the needy and destitute. He has founded 40 churches, including the “Dream Center”, formerly Bethel Temple Los Angeles, heads the Annual Mayor’s Inter-Faith Prayer Breakfast in Los Angeles, has worked on the U.S. Congressional Forum on Immigration and has organized hundreds of Prayer Breakfasts for elected officials at the municipal, state and national levels. In Washington D.C., he has hosted Congressional summits. He serves on the board of numerous boards both nationally and internationaly.  

After his graduation from Vanguard University in 1990 with a degree in theology and Liberal Arts, Bishop Mendez completed two master degrees: Multicultural Education, Public Administration, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Bishop Mendez was ordained in the Assembly of God denomination, and has served in numerous capacities during his ministry. Mendez’ passion leads him to train pastors both nationally and internationally, where he is frequently called upon to speak at leadership conferences. Bishop Mendez is also a prominent media figure, from 1996 to 1999 was the host of the Spanish language radio show “Guerreros del Tercer Milenio” which aired twice daily reaching millions throughout the U.S, has founded different TV stations and is frequently featured on national TV.

In his early career years, Bishop Mendez served in the Los Angeles Unified School District as a k-12 teacher and administrator at different high schools and downtown Los Angeles Schools as schools administrator. Bishop Mendez is also known as an entrepreneur, at the age of 17 he started a number of successful small businesses.

2020 Vision

In 2020, the Pacific Council on International Policy is embarking on a new strategic era, guided by a five-year plan with an evolved vision and mission for the organization. 

Our Vision

Contributing to a world in which a spirit of internationalism drives global engagement and diverse perspectives inform policy.

Our Mission 

Building the capacity of Los Angeles and California to have impact on global issues, discourse, and policy.

Under these guiding statements, the Pacific Council aims to become a distinctive 21st century thought leader on global affairs and to generate commitment to global engagement in Los Angeles. 

Through an inclusive process to determine the priorities of the Council in its next era, we developed new pathways for members and the community to engage with our 25-year-old organization.

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As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Pacific Council depends upon the contributions of generous donors. Our work is made possible by financial contributions and in-kind support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations.

A gift to the Pacific Council is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our tax ID is 95-4520471.

Who We Are


Middle East & North Africa
Foreign Policy & Diplomacy
He is also a Research Professor of Communications at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Jerrold D. Green

She oversees the day-to-day strategic planning, and new business development. She is a political economist with broad academic and professional background in the private sector and public service.

Ms. Jennifer A. Faust

Carmille Lim is responsible for developing and overseeing strategy and execution for initiatives (new business development), organization communications and branding, and fundraising endeavors to raise funds for the Council’s annual budget. A

Ms. Carmille Lim

The Pacific Council on International Policy promotes global engagement across Los Angeles and California. We believe that everyone has a role to play in global affairs. The Pacific Council builds the capacity of local citizens to become global affairs champions, harnesses the collective power of individuals, businesses, and institutions in our city, and exports LA’s talents to the world on issues where we add value.

Our Mission

The Pacific Council is committed to building the capacity of Los Angeles and California for impact on global issues, discourse, and policy.

Our Vision

Contributing to a world in which a spirit of internationalism drives global engagement and diverse perspectives inform policy.

Our Values

The Pacific Council is centered on the values of global engagement, inclusivity, objectivity, civility, respect, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued within the Pacific Council community. An inclusive and welcoming climate acknowledges historical barriers to full participation, embraces differences, and offers respect through the words, actions, and thoughts of all community members.

See below for 2019 demographics of our Board of Directors and staff.


2018 board statistics: 2 in 5 were women, 1 in 5 were people of color

2018 staff statistics: 3 in 4 were women, 1 in 4 were people of color, 72% were Millennials

Our Focus on Local-to-Global


“Local-to-global” at the Pacific Council means connecting local experiences to global policy and action. The Council is starting our local-to-global discussions by featuring content on topics where we can draw clear local-to-global connections, especially in regards to the city of Los Angeles, including climate, human rights, and technology, among others.
We want to help people who live and work in their local communities understand how their movements, choices, and especially their local policies can have global impact. And likewise, to make international leaders and decision makers understand how global policies affect small communities every day. The Pacific Council aims to become a leader in the local-to-global discussion and mindset, guiding members and the broader community in recognizing where local actions have global impact and where global actions have local impact.

Learn more about who we are and our commitment to inclusivity.

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Two Master Degrees and a Doctorate.

“Since 2013, the Alliance for Freedom, Restoration, and Justice (AFRJ) leadership team has directly assisted over 7,500 justice advocates and anti-trafficking efforts. On any given day, we are working with multiple organizations, on efforts ranging from: supporting rescue operations to strengthening restorative care models, advising on national and state policies to protecting vulnerable populations, bridging knowledge gaps to mediating new partnerships. The AFRJ Global Network is multi-sector, multi-level, and supports the novice to the veteran advocate.”

The conference below is one of several being planned to inform, educate, and elevate the visibility of Human Trafficking.

 For a listing of coalition gatherings and other conferences please check out:

For a listing of coalition gatherings and other conferences please check out:

For those who are part of the faith community who are active in the fight against human trafficking or want to be, please join us for a one of kind conference where you can learn how the faith community can prevent human trafficking. There will be dynamic national speakers and you will have a opportunity to meet the most active churches and learn what is working in the fight. Churches representatives will be coming from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Please join us for an inspriring and empowering event!

Churches in Action

Churches in Action is a Christian institution that was started in Los Angeles California by Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez. Churches in Action 

Iglesias en Acción

Reaching across church walls to reach our neighbors. For many years, the walls of distrust and division have kept the church from being the church.

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