Mario's Acura at Sylmar High

One of the Hidden Pioneers Mario brings his 2017 Acura NSX to Bills High school and the Downey Space Center for the Students. This is a perfect vehicle that explains and shows people why we should Drive with Safety, Speed & Style in mind. My 1991 Sleek Black NSX is what got me started into this Marketing & Motorsports business. Now I’m a Teacher giving back the knowledge that I have learned over the years (25+). Enjoy the nice Article on Mario to know him better, what a great guy with a big heart!!!

Aside from an unexpected encounter at a diner in southern Utah from an inquisitive mom (haha) what have been some of the other fun reactions from onlookers during your travels?

You can’t be shy when driving an NSX. The car attracts a lot of attention, even in stock form. However, the most memorable moment when driving my 1997 NSX, was when I was forced to return home before reaching the NSXPO in Wisconsin. I had stopped for gas in a small town in the middle of nowhere, when the gas station attendant came running out of the office practically screaming “Oh my God, its an NSX, my all-time favorite sports car!” He was even more thrilled when I took around the block in my NSX. The most memorable moments in my 2017 NSX have been many, but the best ones for me were when I allow people, particularly kids (probably well over two hundred in all) sit in my car. And, for those kids that could reach the bake pedal, I really got a big thrill out of seeing the smiles on their face when I let them start the engine. However, the most memorable occurrence was when the mother of two boys and her boy’s close friend, that were getting in and out of my car at Gettysburg, told me that even though she had spent many days, and at a significant cost, driving from Texas to show her kids and her kid’s friend the various historical places of the colonies and the Civil War, the only thing that her kids and their friend will remember and talk about when they get home, is my 2017 Red NSX!

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