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VOYAGELA MEET SARA DAKARMEN LOS ANGELES (LA) DISMANTLER @voyagelamag READ MORE Let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. Los Angeles Dismantler (LA Dismantler) has prospered from humble beginnings. My love for Porsche flourished when my father purchased his first when I was ten years old, a tribute to our Stuttgart heritage. My teens were spent cherishing those timeless Porsche moments with my dad and his. When I met Todd, the only way to get any face time with him was in his cold garage while he was tinkering with his projects in my early twenties. My love for both Porsche and Todd thrived as I continued my higher education. My late husband Todd and I turned our passion for Porsche into our livelihood by my mid-twenties. While attending Pepperdine University for my business degree, I studied the automotive salvage industry. Todd had been in the industry for decades and this seemed like the natural direction for me. In early 1998, we took a leap of faith. Todd left his family salvage business and started our Porsche specific endeavor. Keeping Porsches on the Road Globally 22+ years. What does your Porsche need? Share w Porsche community! #Porsche #porsche911 #porscheclub #porschelife #porschedesign #porscheclassic #porschelove #porschecarrera #porsche964 #porschefans #porschecayman #porscheracing #PorschePix #porscheporn #porschegram #porscheartdaily #porsches #porschelovers #Porsche993 #porschemoment #Porsche997 #porschesociety #porschefan #Porsche996 #porscheboxster #porschecars #porschelover #porsche911carrera #porschepassion

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- Since 2000 -
Sara Porsche Dakarmen

Los Angeles Dismantler is a business devoted to one function:  gathering wrecked Porsches and reselling the parts that can be salvaged. National Geographic went inside the company for a glimpse at ripping apart fine German engineering on their show Break it Down: Porsche In Pieces.

The video comes from National Geographic’s “Break It Down” series, and in typical TV fashion focuses as much on the personalities as the business. Since Porsche tends to keep its engines and transmissions safely tucked away from the frontal impact zone most often involved in crashes, there’s frequently a lot of valuable components in even the most smushed Stuttgart creation ($400 brake calipers, anyone?)

Here’s how the process works: if LA Dismantler has a customer in Japan who is looking for a GT2 gearbox, the guys try to find a crashed GT2, buy it, take it apart and sell the gearbox to their client. The rest of the car gets parted out, and all these bits go to different clients around the world.
They work with owners, dealers, repair facilities, and racers, who are looking for Porsches which can be rebuilt as race cars.

For purists, the concept of a Porsche breakers may well take some getting used to, but for those who like to actively play with their 911s, this supercar graveyard can, in fact, become Heaven on Earth with Sara as the Porsche Saver/Savior.  As we walk around, a feeling akin to a kid in a candy store constantly springs to mind with parts being the sugar that feeds the beast.   The lure of premium parts at close hand even proved too much for Magnus, who used his eagle eyes to hunt down a beautiful set of old Fuchs wheels on a storage rack at the back.

Sara and her late husband Todd Co-Founded Los Angeles Dismantler in the 90’s and become the most sought-after Porsche parts distributors worldwide. The business continued to expanded globally, and the name has become synonymous with customer service, integrity, and reliability to provide customers with their exact needs.


Porsche Parts

The US has always provided a special market for the Porsche 911. From race cars to production cars, the history of 911’s coming to the States goes as far back as the birth of the marque itself. Indeed, Porsche even changed their body design to cater for US markets with the introduction of impact bumpers on G-series models in 1974. 911s have always been predominantly prevalent in California’s Golden State – Los Angeles in particular – and specialty shops and dealers are in abundance. Old or new, it doesn’t matter:

While earning her business degree at Pepperdine University, Sara Dakarmen used her know-how to persuade her now late husband Todd, to turn his hobby fixing and selling salvaged Porsches and  parts into a full-time business.

Several decades later, Sara of Los Angeles Dismantler in Sun Valley has become known as the Porsche Queen guiding the salvage yard and warehouse, which supplies clients around the world.

Sara Dakarmen

Sara sits on the Porsche Club of America PCA LA Board, and this 6’ blonde-haired, green-eyed force to be reckoned with can almost always be seen at car events, shows, around the globe. As one of the world’s largest late model Porsche salvage brokers and dismantler, her customer base reaches around the world to provide recycled, second-hand, and pre-owned Porsche parts for restoration, project owners, dealerships, mechanics, racing teams, Motorsports technicians, engine builders, body shops, and repair facilities.

The Best In Porsche Parts, World-Wide.


Installs, conversions, upgrades, fabrication, restoration, development, testing, replication, LA Dismantler knows who does it best! 

Want advice on fine tuning? Los Angeles Dismantler had been taking Porsche automobiles apart and putting them back together for over fifteen years and can probably help out in most situations, fill out the online quote form below and ask Los Angeles Dismantler about your situation.  


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